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Brother TZ-231 Laminated Black Printing on White Tape (12mm Wide x 8M Length)
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Brother TZ-231 Laminated Black Printing on White Tape (12mm Wide x 8M Length)





Brother TZ Laminated Tape (12mm)

The Brother TZe-231 is a P-touch laminated label tape that is 1/2 inch (12mm) wide and 8m (26.2 ft) long. One of the most popular label tape styles from Brother, the TZe 231 prints black text and graphics on a white label, and has endless uses around the home or office. With standard strength adhesive and Brother’s exclusive laminated tape process, the TZe-231 (TZ-231) will stick to almost any surface and text printed on the label won’t rub off; even under the most extreme conditions. Perfect for everyday use, the TZe231 tape features crack & peel backing for easy application, and comes on an easy to install cassette cartridge. The TZe231 label tape looks great and is resistant to fading from the Sun's UV rays.


Compatible/Use For GL-100,PT-1000,PT-1000BM,PT-1010,PT-1010B,PT-1010NB,PT-1010R,PT-1010S,PT-1090,PT-1090BK,PT-1100,PT1100SB,PT-1100SBVP,PT-1100ST,PT-1120,PT-1130,PT-1160,PT-1170,PT-1180,PT-1190,PT-1200,PT-1230PC,PT-1280,PT-1280SR,PT-1280VP,PT-128AF,PT-1290,PT-1290BT,PT-1290BT2,PT-1290RS,PT-1300,PT-1400,PT-1500,PT-1500PC,PT-1600,PT-1650,PT-1700,PT-1750,PT-1800,PT-1810,PT-1830,PT-1830C,PT-1830SC,PT-1830VP,PT-1880,PT-1880C,PT-1880SC,PT-1880W,PT-18R,PT-18RKT,PT-1900,PT-1910,PT-1950,PT-1960,PT-200,PT-2030,PT-2030AD,PT-2030VP,PT-2100,PT-2110,PT-2200,PT-2210,PT-2300,PT-2310,PT-2400,PT-2410,PT-2430PC,PT-2500PC,PT-2600,PT-2610,PT-2700,PT-2710,PT-2730,PT-2730VP,PT-300,PT-300B,PT-310,PT-310B,PT-320,PT-330,PT-350,PT-3600,PT-520,PT-530,PT-540,PT-550,PT-580C,PT-6100,PT-7100,PT-7500,PT-7600,PT-9200DX,PT-9200PC,PT-9400,PT-9500PC,PT-9600,PT-9700PC,PT-9800PCN,PT-D200,PT-D200BT,PT-H100,ST-1150,ST-1150DX,ST-5
Package Qty 20, 1
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Series TZ
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Packaging type blister
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Tape length 4 m, 8 m
Tape size 12 mm
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